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Updated March 21st, 2013

Nearly a thousand years after Jesus went into exile, a new and greater evil has emerged in place of the Roman Army... But when a mysterious traveler comes to the undiscovered continent to bring Jesus back to save their people, they learn it may already be too late.

Read the full Trade Paperback of the comic that critics are calling "The Greatest Sequel Ever Made" - Dave Norton (Day Old Stubble Magazine)

 September 3rd, 2012:
The Bible 2: (Limited Edition)
Act 1: Jesus's First Easter

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Pre-Order your copy of the sequel to the best selling book of all time... The Bible 2, a sequel two thousand years in the making.

Read the first act of the Bible 2 before it officially goes on sale this Holiday Season, and experience Jesus Christ's very first Easter! Written by the asshole that brought you "Abe the Aborted Fetus: Roe vs Abe," and featuring artwork by Amelia Woo of the New York TImes #1 Best Selling Book, Mercy Thompson: Home Coming. This book also features an exclusive cover drawn by Cuddlefish Comics artist and creator Kevin Bandt "Carriers."

Remember, supplies are LIMITED and will be available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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Updated April 23rd 2012

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Featuring 136 Pages of full color artwork, including never before seen artwork designed for the graphic novel and an exclusive cover drawn by New York Time's #1 Best Selling Artist: Amelia Woo (Mercy Thompson)

Story by: Z.M.Thomas
Pencils: Anthony Tan
Colors: Santosh Kumar Rath
Cover: Amelia Woo
Additional Art: Jose Carlos
Letter & Logo: Zach Matheny & Z.M.Thomas

                                        NOW AVAILABLE AT:


11th Hour

Story by: Z.M.Thomas
Pencils: Cliff Richards
Colors: Michael Bartolo
Additional Art: Al Rio
Letter & Logo: Zach Matheny



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